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Título: Larval development and allometric growth of the black-faced blenny Tripterygion delaisi
Autor: Solomon, Farahnaz N.
Rodrigues, Diana Duarte
Gonçalves, Emanuel João
Serrão, Ester A.
Borges, Rita Alexandra
Palavras-chave: Animal Fins
Data: 2017
Editora: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
Citação: Journal of Fish Biology, 90(6), 2239-2254 Doi: 10.1111/jfb.13286
Resumo: Larval development and allometric growth patterns of the black-faced blenny Tripterygion delaisi are described from a larval series (body length, LB  = 3·30-12·10 mm) caught by light traps at the Arrábida Marine Park, Portugal. Larvae of T. delaisi possess distinctive morphometric and meristic characteristics which can be used to identify this species from related taxa. Pigmentation is sparse but characteristic, consisting of pigmented eyes, gas bladder pigmentation in the dorsal region, anal pigmentation and a row of regularly spaced postanal ventral melanophores. This pattern is present from as early as the yolk-sac stage and persists throughout all stages with just the addition of head and caudal pigmentation during the flexion and postflexion stages, respectively. The majority of fin development (with the exception of the caudal fin), occurs in the later stages of development. Myomere counts range between 37 and 45 for all stages. Growth is allometric during larval development. When inflexion points of growth were detected, growth was found to be biphasic with the inflexion points occurring within a very narrow range of LB (8·70-8·90 mm) close to the mean ± s.d. (9·44 ± 1·48 mm LB ) of postflexion larvae. Considering allometric growth patterns and ontogenetic descriptions together, the first developmental phase includes the preflexion and flexion stage larvae, while the second phase characterises the postflexion larvae prior to the transition from larvae to juvenile.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.12/5952
DOI: 10.1111/jfb.13286
ISSN: 10958649
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