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Title: People first: Strategies of empowerment in work organizations
Author: Francescato, Donata
Morganti, Monica
Keywords: Community psychology
Work environment
Organizational changes
Psicologia comunitiria
Contextos profissionasi
Mudanças organizacionais
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada
Citation: Analise Psicológica XV(3), 453-459
Abstract: The Community Psychologists in the 80's began to see that the working environment could be a determining factor in the well-being of the individuals so they began to engage in training, research and consultancy for Companies and Trade Unions. The objective is to promote positive strategies amongst work organizations, Trade Union Organizations, health, social and recreational services, local political institutions, Ministries and Associations in a given area in order to confront problems of common interest. Once the network is informally set up the community psychologist attempts to make it completely authonomous and diminuishes his or her involvement by delegating competency to the member of the network themselves. Conditions are created in which there is opportunity for growth for other organizations and greater level of competency for the community as a whole.
Os Psicólogos Comunitários nos anos 80 começaram a perspectivar a qualidade dos contextos profissionais como um factor determinante no bem estar dos individuos e envolveram-se na consultoria e formação as Empresas e aos Sindicatos. 0 objectivo desta actividade C o da promoGBo de estratigias positivas de trabalho conjunto com as Empresas, OS Sindicatos, as Organizaq6es de saude, de intervenqgo social e recreativa, as Instituiqaes Politicas Locais, os MinistCrios e Associaqaes virias de modo a confrontar problemas comuns. Quando a rede esta informalmente estabelecida, o Psicdogo Comunitirio tenta torni-lo completamente autonorno e diminuir o seu envolvimento atraves da delegaq5o de competCncias para OS membros da rede. SZo assim criadas coniq6es nas quais hi oportunidade de crescimento de outras organizaqBes e aumentar o nivel de compettncias da comunidade como um todo.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0870-8231
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