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2017Body awareness and bodily dissociation among those with and without sexual difficulties: Differentiation using the scale of body connectionCarvalheira, Ana Alexandra; Price, Cynthia; Neves, Cide Filipe Branco de CamposarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Discerning the impact of personal and situational variables in risk perception of coronary heart diseaseFigueiras, Maria João; Maroco, João; Monteiro, Rita; Caeiro, Raúl; Neto, David DiasarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Occupational characteristics and burnout syndrome in brazilian correctional staffOliveira, Raquel Lara Velez; Schneider, Valéria; Bonafé, Fernanda Salloume Sampaio; Maroco, João; Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte BoniniarticleopenAccess
2016Moderation of the familiarity-stereotyping effect: The role of stereotype fitGarcia-Marques, Teresa; Mackie, Diane M.; Maitner, Angela T.; Claypool, Heather M.articlerestrictedAccess
2017Women’s finger pressure sensitivity at rest and recalled body awareness during partnered sexual activityCosta, Rui Miguel; Pestana, José Antonio Melo; Costa, David; Wittmann, MarcarticlerestrictedAccess
2017A Brief Measure of narcissism among female juvenile delinquents and community youthsPechorro, Pedro Fernandes dos Santos; Maroco, João; Ray, James V.; Gonçalves, Rui Abrunhosa; Nunes, Maria Cristina de Oliveira SalgadoarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Fast detector/ first responder: Interactions between the superior colliculus-pulvinar pathway and stimuli relevant to primatesSoares, Sandra Cristina de Oliveira; Maior, Rafael S.; Isbell, Lynne A.; Tomaz, Carlos; Nishijo, HisaoarticleopenAccess
2017Correlates of adjustment to aging among the young-old and the oldest-old: A comparative analysisHumboldt, Sofia Caetano de Almeida Freifrau von; Leal, Isabel PereiraarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Advice conditionals about tips and warnings: Interpretations and inferencesCouto, Marta Barley de La Cueva; Quelhas, Ana Cristina; Byrne, Ruth M. J.articlerestrictedAccess
2017How children with autism reason about other's intentions: False-belief and counterfactual inferencesRasga, Célia Maria Batalha Silva; Quelhas, Ana Cristina; Byrne, Ruth M. J.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Sexuality in older adults (65+) — An overview of the literature, part 1: Sexual function and its difficultiesTraeen, Bente; Hald, Gert Martin; Graham, Cynthia A.; Enzlin, Paul; Janssen, Erick; Kvalem, Ingela Lundin; Carvalheira, Ana Alexandra; Stulhofer, AleksandararticleembargoedAccess
2017The free and cued selective reminding test for predicting progression to alzheimer's disease in patients with mild cognitive impairment: A prospective longitudinal studyLemos, Raquel; Maroco, João; Simões, Mário R.; Santiago, Beatriz; Tomás, José; Santana, IsabelarticlerestrictedAccess
2017The informative value of type of repetition: Perceptual and conceptual fluency influences on judgments of truthSilva, Rita Rocha da; Garcia-Marques, Teresa; Reber, RolfarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Exogenous attention to fear: Differential behavioral and neural responses to snakes and spidersSoares, Sandra Cristina de Oliveira; Kessel, Dominique; Lorca, María Hernández; Rubio, María J. García; Rodrigues, Paulo; Gomes, Nuno; Carretié, LuisarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Beware the serpent: The advantage of ecologically-relevant stimuli in accessing visual awarenessGomes, Nuno; Silva, Samuel; Silva, Carlos Fernandes da; Soares, Sandra Cristina de OliveiraarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Denying psychological properties of girls and prostitutes: The role of verbal insultsRubini, Monica; Roncarati, Alessandra; Ravenna, Marcella; Albarello, Flavia; Moscatelli, Silvia; Semin, Gün R.articlerestrictedAccess
2016The Impact of body dissatisfaction on distressing sexual difficulties among men and women: The mediator role of cognitive distractionCarvalheira, Ana Alexandra; Godinho, Leonor Figueiredo; Costa, Pedro AlexandrearticlerestrictedAccess
2017Modern Families: Parenting desire, intention, and experience among portuguese lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals.Costa, Pedro Alexandre; Bidell, MarkusarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Worries, coping strategies and well-being in adolescence: Highlights from HBSC study in PortugalMatos, Margarida Gaspar de; Camacho, Inês; Reis, Marta; Costa, Diogo; Galvão, DianaarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Longitudinal factor analysis of public expenditure composition and human development in Brazil after the 1988 constitutionSousa, Rossana Guerra de; Paulo, Edilson; Maroco, JoãoarticlerestrictedAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 1 até 20 de 137