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Título: Psychometric properties of the finnish version of the resilience scale and its short version
Autor: Losoi, Heidi
Turunen, Senni
Wäljas, Minna
Helminen, Mika
Öhman, Juha
Julkunen, Juhani
Rosti-Otajärvi, Eija
Palavras-chave: Resilience Scale
Psychometric properties
Data: 2013
Editora: PsychOpen
Citação: Psychology, Community & Health, 2(1), 1-10
Resumo: Aim: To investigate the psychometric properties of the Finnish version of the Resilience Scale (RS) and its short version (RS-14), as well as the relationship of resilience with demographic variables and self-perceived health. Method: A standard procedure was used for translation of the scale, and 243 participants (75% women, mean age = 41.0; SD = 17.8) were evaluated with the RS, the RS-14, and the EuroQol 5D. Results: The mean level of resilience was found to be moderate. Both the RS and the RS-14 showed good internal consistency reliability, .90 and .87, respectively. No clear factor structure was found. Both assessments correlated with age but there was no statistically significant association with education or gender. However, a relatively weak but statistically significant correlation between the RS and the RS-14 with self-reported health was found in women. Conclusion: The Finnish versions of the RS and RS-14 can be recommended to be used in clinical and scientific settings. Gender is suggested to be taken into account in further research of resilience.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.12/3141
DOI: 10.5964/pch.v2i1.40
ISSN: 2182-438X
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