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Título: Therapeutique drama and psychological health: An examination of theory and practice in dramatherapy
Autor: Valente, Lucília Maria Oliveira Rodrigues
Data de Defesa: 1991
Editora: University of Wales College of Cardiff
Resumo: The Study investigated the role that dramatic processes can play in the development of psychological health, focusing specifically upon dramatherapy, the medium which intentionally employs drama for psychotherapeutic and personal developmental ends. In the first stage of the investigation an extensive survey of the literature vas carried out to formalise present thinking on dramatherapy, on its historical origins, and on its links respectively with drama, psychological theory and practice, psychotherapeutic techniques, and children's play. The next stage involved semi-structured interviews with a panel of dramatherapy experts to ascertain their views on the current theory and practice of dramatherapy in the UK. After transcription, the interviews yielded an extensive Item Bank of statements which, after suhmission to the panel of experts for approval and comment, was allowed to yield a questionnaire designed to establish the relative values which dramatherapists attach to the theoretical and practical issues defined by the panel of experts. With the support of the British Association for Dramatherapists, this questionnaire was then circulated to all its full and associate members, and also to students following the five U.K. courses of professional dramatherapy training. An overall response rate of 5 6 per cent was obtained from the full and associate members, with a rate of 86 per cent from those actively engaged in dramatherapy practice. The resulting data were then analyzed to identify mean levels of importance, frequency of use etc, attached by respondents to the variables concerned. The result was the first comprehensive survey of current dramatherapy theory and practice as recognized and applied by dramatherapists in the UK. The survey reveals for example the major importance of psychodynamic and client-centred theories and practices in underpinning and informing dramatherapy, and also sheds light on client variables, assessment, therapeutic methodology and process, the role and qualities of the dramatherapist, and the relationship between dramatherapy and other important variables. The se result s and many others relating to dramatherapy theory and practice are discussed fully, and the current condition of dramatherapy and of its links with psychology and with special needs children are examined. Finally, a range of suggestions is made both for the further development of dramatherapy and for future research.
Descrição: Tese de Doutoramento apresentada à University of Wales College of Cardiff
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.12/1681
Aparece nas colecções:PSOM - Tese de doutoramento

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