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Título: Reliability and validity of self-reported burnout in college students: A cross randomized comparison of paper-and-pencil vs. online administration
Autor: Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini
Zucoloto, Miriane Lucindo
Bonafé, Fernanda Salloumé Sampaio
Jordani, Paula Cristina
Maroco, João
Palavras-chave: Internet questionnaires
Paper-and-pencil questionnaires
Student Burnout
Data: 2011
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: Computers in Human Behavior, 27, 1875-1883
Resumo: Internet data collection is becoming increasingly popular in all research fields dealing with human perceptions, behaviors and opinions. Advantages of internet data collection, when compared to the traditional paper-and-pencil format, include reduced costs, automatic database creation, and the absence of researcher-related bias effects, such as availability and complete anonymity. However, the validity and reliability of internet gathered data must be established, in comparison to the usual paper-and-pencil accepted formats, before an inferential analysis can be done. In this study, we compared questionnaire data gathered from the internet with that from the traditional paper-and-pencil in a sample of college students. The questionnaires used were the Maslach Burnout Inventory – Student Survey (MBI-SS), the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OBI-SS) and the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI-SS). Data was gathered through a within-subject cross randomized and counterbalanced design, on both internet and paper-and-pencil formats. The results showed no interference in the application order, and a good reliability for both formats. However, concordance between answers was generally higher in the paperand- pencil format than on the internet. The factorial structure was invariant in the three burnout inventories. Data gathered in this study supports the Internet as a convenient, user-friendly, comfortable and secure data gathering method which does not affect the accepted factorial structures existent in the paper format of the three burnout inventories used.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.12/1567
ISSN: 0747-5632
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