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dc.contributor.authorVasconcelos, Raquel Ornelas-
dc.contributor.authorFonseca, Paulo Jorge-
dc.contributor.authorAmorim, Maria Clara Pessoa-
dc.contributor.authorLadich, Friedrich-
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 278, 826-834por
dc.description.abstractMany fishes rely on their auditory skills to interpret crucial information about predators and prey, and to communicate intraspecifically. Few studies, however, have examined how complex natural sounds are perceived in fishes. We investigated the representation of conspecific mating and agonistic calls in the auditory system of the Lusitanian toadfish Halobatrachus didactylus, and analysed auditory responses to heterospecific signals from ecologically relevant species: a sympatric vocal fish (meagre Argyrosomus regius) and a potential predator (dolphin Tursiops truncatus). Using auditory evoked potential (AEP) recordings, we showed that both sexes can resolve fine features of conspecific calls. The toadfish auditory system was most sensitive to frequencies well represented in the conspecific vocalizations (namely the mating boatwhistle), and revealed a fine representation of duration and pulsed structure of agonistic and mating calls. Stimuli and corresponding AEP amplitudes were highly correlated, indicating an accurate encoding of amplitude modulation. Moreover, Lusitanian toadfish were able to detect T. truncatus foraging sounds and A. regius calls, although at higher amplitudes. We provide strong evidence that the auditory system of a vocal fish, lacking accessory hearing structures, is capable of resolving fine features of complex vocalizations that are probably important for intraspecific communication and other relevant stimuli from the auditory scene.por
dc.publisherThe Royal Societypor
dc.subjectTemporal encodingpor
dc.subjectAmplitude modulation detectionpor
dc.subjectAuditory evoked potentialpor
dc.subjectConspecific soundspor
dc.titleRepresentation of complex vocalizations in the Lusitanian toadfish auditory system: Evidence of fine temporal, frequency and amplitude discriminationpor
degois.publication.titleProceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciencespor
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