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Título: Reasoning with 'unless' counterfactual conditionals
Autor: García-Madruga, Juan A.
Moreno-Ríos, Sérgio
Quelhas, Ana Cristina
Juhos, Csongor
Data: 2009
Editora: Department of Methodology of the Behavioral Sciences of the University of Valencia
Citação: Psicológica, 30, 217-243
Resumo: This article tackles factual and counterfactual 'unless' expressions such as "Virginia will not pass the exam unless she works harder" and "Virginia would not passed the exam unless she had worked harder". 'Unless' is a negative conditional that is semantically equivalent to 'if not'. However, some authers have claimed that 'unless' is more closely related to 'only if' than to 'if not'. We report two experiments that compare conditional inferences from 'unless' to 'if-not' amd 'only if' factual and counterfactual conditionals. The first experiment compared 'not-A unless B' and 'if not-B then not-A' and showed a difference between affirmative (i.e. B therefore A, A therefore B)and negative (i.e. not-B therefore not-A, not-A therefore not-B) inferences only for factual 'if not'. The second experiment compared 'not-A unless B' and 'A only if B' and showed no differences between affirmative and negative inferences for factual 'unless' and 'only if', whereas the affirmative inferences were higher for countrafactual 'unless' and 'only if'. In both experiments latency results confirm that inferences from 'B to A' were faster than from 'A to B' for unless and 'only if'. The implications of the results for the mental representations and processing of counterfactual 'unless', 'if not' and 'only if' are discussed in the context of mental model theory.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.12/1223
ISSN: 1576-8597
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